Gotta Start Somewhere

So right now I’m sitting in my kitchen with about a million things to do. Work deadlines this week, laundry to be folded, dog hair to be vacuumed, kids to be bathed…you get the picture. But instead of doing any of that, here I sit, writing a post on my new blog. Am I insane, lazy, or overwhelmed? Yes, yes, and yes.

Our family has been going through a bit of a “treading water” phase where we are just getting by. My husband and I were discussing that it feels like we need to be more deliberate in our lives. Set more goals, organize ourselves, so that we feel like we are progressing toward something.

Our first step in this process is going to be a joint one that is both to start budgeting very carefully, and eating more healthy. Since these two things can often become an oxymoron, I’ve decided to start keeping track of how we do on our budget and healthy eating in one spot. This blog. And being a lawyer, you are guaranteed to get an occasional unrelated rant from me.

I’d like this blog to be a place where we hold ourselves accountable and put everything, yes everything, that we spend money on, to paper. I also would like to get my favorite healthy recipes up, and what I have done so far in meal planning, saving money, etc. If what I write encourages others (like, at least I don’t mess up my budget as much as THAT lady) then all the better!

So, here we go!